Subway Gallery will feature a collection of work
depicting animals, by the members of this gallery. It's usually during the sluggish, often humid
and sometimes rainy days of summer that the Subway Gallery unveils the talents of its members
with a celebration of animals. Cats, dogs, snakes, dogs, imaginary critters, usually more dogs,
birds, lizards, elephants, bears, rabbits, all appear on the walls and in the window and on
pedestals. It's a favorite show of locals, but has never been seen by our visiting snowbirds.
This year the members of Subway Gallery have decided to bring it out in March,
unveiling the show for other than locals. The Subway Gallery, established in 1986, is the oldest
collective gallery in Bisbee with ten artists, most of whom will have an animal contribution to
the show. Painter Steve Bovee is sure to have dogs, and maybe snakes. Steve's brother Paul,
also a painter, will have dogs at least, although he's good at people, as well. Gene Elliston's
whimsical paintings includes bears, rabbits, and guaranteed to bring a smile. Margo Macartney
presents a collection of ceramics with birds, dogs, a mythical creature and elephants, not to
mention paintings of her dog Teddy. Carole Beauchamp will have an animal photo. Cheyenne
MacMasters will present two animal works, Monte Surratt will contribute an animal
representation. Mary Ann Germond has photos of the cranes.
Come meet the artists and join them Saturday night at 34 Brewery Gulch, bottom floor of
the Silver Queen Hotel. 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Beer, wine, coke, finger food.


It's time for "Return of the Turkey Vultures"!  

10am-12pm  Copper Queen Library - Live Turkey Vultures

3-3:30pm Buzzards & Bees Parade in Brewery Gulch

8-11pm  Club Kilimanjaro Buzzard Bash Dance


Don't let the March Madness get you spinning in the wind!  Let the breeze up lift you up and into the realm of Mother Earth's calm serenity and a dose of humor.

Sense of Place Gallery is featuring two very special artist for the month of March who bring compliment to each other

Jill Harding's artwork exemplifies the peace and beauty of our planet through organic shapes, bold color and lines of energy

While William Panther's egg tempera paintings demonstrate combinations of color, shape and form that create a unique psychological, ironic artwork that is leavened with humor.

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