While your ears are still ringing with the music of Side Pony be sure to dance on into Sense of Place Gallery to experience new and fascinating artwork that is sure to transport you to the spiritual realm.

Sense of Place Gallery will feature local artist Derren Crosby and his collection of art that explores and reflects on the theme of the shaman, the mystic, and transitionary beings. Inspired by indigenous healers, dancers, and travelers, these paintings hope to capture some of the
otherworldly transcendence of the mystic state.

We are excited to announce that:

Artemizia Contemporary Gallery is moving to 24 Main Street 

Artemizia Gift Shop will remain at 51 Main Street

Gallery will reopen in our new vastly expanded space with an exhibition by

Budapest artist SB Tômas.

Exhibition Saturday, November 9th

S.B. Tômas was born in Budapest on March 27th 1958. 

As a grade-schooler, Tômas would sneak into neighbors’ attics where he stumbled upon old copies of La Vie Parisienne, a mildly risqué erotic publication, as well as the ‘penny dreadfuls’ his Aunt Jin was addicted too. 

Subject matter of these tales focused on the exploits of beautiful women detectives, criminals, and other beautiful women. Most of all Tômas loved the pictures. He still does.

Exhibition special: purchase two or more pieces and receive a complimentary autographed SB Tômas book.

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