Bisbee After 5 starts every 2nd Saturday when our shops and restaurants open at 10am. Come and spend the day in Bisbee and enjoy the unique shops & places to eat before the galleries have their art receptions. 


Finders Keepers Antiques invites Side Pony Music attendees to check out our vintage instruments.  Recently in – a Hernandez Series 1 Classical guitar from 1970.  Also a Pirles 5-String banjo from the same decade!   We have more instruments – come see them!

 During Bisbee After 5, Subway Gallery will present the works of gallery member, photographer Mary Ann Hanson-Germond.  

Just prior to moving here in the late 80's, Mary Ann studied photography at the former Victor School , in Victor, Colorado, and Utah State University in Logan, Utah.  Not ling after her arrival, she became a member of the Subway Gallery.  After a hiatus of about 25 ears, she rejoined last year with a show featuring photographs from Whitewater Draw.  Now she has invited guests Pamela Blunt, Jan Marie Searle and Madeleine Charron to join her in this show.

Charron and Searle are also well-known local artists of many years.  The show will feature collage, montage and photo manipulation.

“Luxuriant World”  featuring local artists Laur Rose and Karen Webb continues at the Tang Gallery until December 8.   Many of the paintings and ecoprints were sold during the opening reception  but there are still a good selection of work by both artists,  painter Laur Rose and botanical printmaker Karen Webb,  who uses an original

and unique technique involving boiling water to create her exquisite images.  The Tang Gallery is located at 32 Main Street, across the street from the Cafe Roka.  Hours are Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11 to 5.

Home Again Bisbee

Join us at the John Thamm Gallery on Second Saturday, November 9 for the launch of the Fall-Winter season at JF Thamm Gallery.  Scenics, portraits and political commentary will be featured for November.  We are so glad to be back in Bisbee.  

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